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MindShift CBT App – Anxiety Canada

One of my new favorite apps for mental health is MindShift CBT. This app integrates the use of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) techniques throughout it’s design. It’s purpose is, “to help you reorient your thinking, and behavioral strategies to help you take action and make lasting positive change.”

The app includes a daily mood check, an anxious thought journal, relaxation activities, coping cards, and more. A great feature of MindShift CBT is the ability to track and see any themes, and share it with your therapist as an Excel file.

I encourage you to check out the MindShift CBT app for your phone if you are interested in tracking your mood, having relaxation techniques readily available, and continuing to work on challenging your anxious thoughts outside of therapy.

Jeff Simms Licensed Professional Counselor

Jeff Simms is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Board Certified Counselor in private practice in Grand Blanc, Michigan. Jeff works with adults that want to get better dealing with their anxiety, depression, PTSD, and marriage.

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