LLPC supervision available for new counselors

I am a Mentoring Institute Trained Supervisor for Limited Licensed Professional Counselors (LLPC). In January 2015 I completed a 30-contact hour workshop in training in counseling supervision that meets Michigan Board of Counseling requirements and the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Counseling General Rules R338.1757. This training allows me, a Licensed Professional Counselor to oversee the clinical aspects of a LLPC counseling practice.

Qualifications of LLPC supervisor

I provide private practice mental health counseling services to adults and couples as a Licensed Professional Counselor. My specialities include depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, couples/marriage issues, and stress. I graduated from Oakland University with my Master’s Degree in Counseling.

I also teach as adjunct faculty at Mott Community College Counseling and Student Development. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Michigan and a Board Certified Counselor certified by the National Board for Certified Counselors. I have almost a decade of mental health counseling experience.

Nature of LLPC supervision

Supervision is an interactive process intended to monitor the quality of client care, improve clinical skills, and facilitate professional and personal growth. You can expect to reeve timely feedback of your clinical interventions and to have a supportive environment in which to explore client-related concerns. You are expected to be an active participate in the supervision process, to arrive on time and be prepared for each session, and to complete all required work in a timely manner. These expectations are designed to improve your counseling conceptualization and intervention skills and to increase your sense of professional identity. Our first sessions will begin to explore your goals towards obtaining your LPC.

Supervision format will include case presentations with the supervisee highlighting any areas of concern or issues that need to be addressed. I will also review your documentation counseling notes. I will provide verbal feedback on a regular basis and formal written feedback quarterly. The nature of supervision is the process of growth, development, and awareness from a Limited Licensed Professional Counselor to a Licensed Professional Counselor. As a supervisor I may take on a variety of roles including teacher, consultant, counselor, and evaluator.

Expectations of LLPC

  1. Prepare and attend all scheduled supervision sessions or contact me 24-hours in advance of cancellation due to emergency.
  2. Complete all assigned homework related to supervision sessions.
  3. Keep me informed regarding all client issues and any ethical dilemmas you may face when providing counseling services.
  4. Maintain liability insurance at all times ($1 million per occurrence/$3 million annual aggregate) and provide me with a copy.
  5. Maintain a supervision log documenting the hours completed.
  6. Provide me with a copy of your completed LLPC application and your LLPC upon receipt.

Expectations of Supervisor

  1. Prepare for and attend all scheduled supervision sessions.
  2. Focus on your professional development and approach supervision in an open, honest, and respectful manner when providing feedback about your counseling.
  3. Maintain a confidential record of our sessions containing our: LLPC supervision disclosure, session notes (as applicable), evaluations and other documents required to verify our supervision.
  4. Maintain my current licensure requirements to provide clinical supervision.
  5. Maintain my own liability and consulting insurance.

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Jeff Simms Licensed Professional Counselor

Jeff Simms is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Board Certified Counselor in private practice in Grand Blanc, Michigan. Jeff works with adults that want to get better dealing with their anxiety, depression, PTSD, and marriage.

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