Late cancellation & no show policy

Late Cancellation & No Show Policy (updated January 3, 2020)

This policy has been established in an effort to provide quality, timely, and appropriate mental health services to all clients. Consistent attendance provides the greatest opportunity for success with your mental health treatment. Providing timely notice to your therapist will allow others who are waiting for an appointment to be scheduled. When appointments are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, the therapist is not able to offer that appointment time to other clients.

Clients are required to contact the therapist by phone or text message​ with at least 24 hour notice prior to scheduled appointment if unable to attend. ​Failure to provide at least 24 hours notice of cancellation or a no show to an appointment will result in a $75 late cancellation or no show fee being charged.​ A client will be considered a no show to an appointment after 15 minutes have passed since the start of the appointment and having no contact with the therapist by phone or text message. ​As a courtesy the therapist may call the client to remind of the late cancellation or no show fee.

Emergencies and illness may arise making 24 hour notice not always possible. This will be taken into consideration by the therapist.

If two late cancellations or two no shows occur all future appointments will be cancelled and you may be terminated from counseling.